AWS Summit Chicago 2019 - LIGHTING EQUIPMENT - Prices Starting At

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Wall Mounted Light Fixtures: Prime offers LED Arm Lights, which produce a white light and need to be mounted to the hard wall structure of your booth. These lights cannot be mounted to pipe and drape or pop-ups. Wall height and location of lights determine if additional equipment and labor is needed. Please contact our office to discuss costs and locations.
Floor Supported Light Fixtures: Prime offers Pole and Base Dual LED Flood Lights, which offer a white light, are mounted on 8-foot poles and are placed along the side rails of your booth. If lights need to be installed in other locations, additional materials and labor may apply.
Ceiling Mounted Light Fixture: Prime offers Par can lights (1K Par lights), which are mounted to the ceiling of the convention facility. These types of lights are used to enhance signage and booth lighting. Please contact our office at to discuss overhead lighting requirements and pricing as labor is required.


What Else Do I Need to Order? All lighting ordered from Prime does not require additional power, as it is included in the rental of the equipment. Exhibitors supplying their own lighting will need to order power. Labor IS required to hang lights.  Let us know if you have questions! We're happy to help!