AWS 2022 - 120 VOLT POWER - Prices Starting At

AWS 2022 - 120 VOLT POWER - Prices Starting At

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Prices for outlets are for the entire show, not per day or by the hour. For each 120 Volt order, one plug is placed in the back of the booth. If you need your power placed in another location within your booth or if you need additional plugs, please reference the below "What Else Do I Need to Order" question or reach out  to us - We're happy to help!

How Much Power Should I Order? If you need assistance determining the amount of power a piece of equipment requires, read the ratings from the metal plates or stamps usually located on the bottom or back of equipment.  For a quick usage guide to power and wattage, click here.

Do I Need Continuous 24 Hour Power? Most facilities in Chicago require power to be turned off one-half hour after the show closes and restored one-half hour before the show opens. If any of your equipment requires uninterrupted power (charging stations, refrigerator’s, etc.) please consider ordering 24-hour power. 24-hour power is charged at double the standard rate.

What Else Do I Need to Order? If you require power to be dropped at any place other than back of your booth; if you order 20 amps or more of power total and/or if you are an Island Booth, you are required to order a minimum of one hour of labor (1/2 hour install, 1/2 hour dismantle) and submit a floor plan. Installation of electrical fixtures, including booth lights, monitors and televisions also requires a minimum of one hour of labor.  It's also a good idea to order materials such as extension cords and power strips in advance. Let us know if you have questions! We're happy to help!